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View Planning Applications in Chiltern and South Bucks areas

Please also see the important information notes below that will assist you with accessing data on planning applications and understand how to find your way around the Public Access System.

If you find any anomalies please email us at

View Planning Applications

Searching for applications and weekly list of applications validated

Please be aware that when planning applications are received, they go through a process of being recorded and checked for validity. It is only when they are considered to be valid and have been electronically registered, that they will appear in search results on the Public Access System. Under normal conditions, this process usually takes between 1 and 2 weeks from receipt. Therefore, if using the weekly list search function on validated applications, the list results may be incomplete for those dates, unless the week being searched is 2 weeks earlier. Alternatively, you may wish to register and save an ongoing search to be notified by email next day of all new and updated applications. Please see the quick guides below:

Icon for pdf Public Access Quick Guide - how to register [533.49KB]

Icon for pdf Public Access Quick Guide - save an ongoing search [432.92KB]

Commenting on applications

The Public Access System provides online searching, viewing, tracking and online Commenting on Planning Applications.

Please note that the comments function on Public Access times out after approximately 30 minutes so if your comments are extensive you would be well advised to type them outside of Public Access and copy and paste them into the comments box. There is also a limit of 6000 characters.

Please do not include any personal details within the body of the comment and be aware that any comments made, may be seen by Councillors, the applicant, members of the public, once published on the Council's web site. All submitted comments are logged against the relevant application record and it may be a few days before they are available to view online.

Viewing documents

Whilst an application or appeal has yet to be determined, or there is a current High Court Challenge, all statutory planning register and relevant background documents will be available to view in Public Access.

Once an application has been determined by the Council, by Appeal or by the High Court, only statutory planning register decision documents will continue to display in Public Access. The application form and any other background documents may be requested by email to

Viewing planning history

Planning applications from 1974 to the present day are available to view through this system. The Planning service is in the process of digitising all paper records so paper records are not immediately available at the Council Offices. If you are unable to access planning records through this website, email for guidance on how access to specific records may be provided.