Values and Behaviours


Our staff have decided on five values that determine the approach we take to our work, and their associated behaviours.  These are:

Customer focused

Around here we all:

  • Provide a consistent, professional fair and honest service in all our dealing with customers
  • Consider the impact of our all actions and decisions on customers
  • Deliver an accessible, reliable, efficient and flexible service
  • Aim to accurately resolve all enquiries at the first point of contact, taking ownership of the enquiry and ensuring that it it fully resolved to the customers' satisfaction.
  • Take the time to understand our customer needs

Around here we all:
  • take time to listen and respect other
  • are helpful and fair, always considering the impact of our behaviour and showing empathy
  • act with integrity and professionalism
  • are open and honest and encourage others to be the same
  • encourage inclusivity, valuing diversity and equality

Around here we all:

  • are motivated to deliver the best possible service, working towards delivering the most appropriate outcome
  • are committed to increasing and sharing knowledge
  • gain job satisfaction from achieving our very best in the services we deliver
  • aim to get things right first time, taking proactive ownership of tasks
  • are committed to continuous improvement and development
Around here we all:
  • look for better ways of working, being open to and adaptable to change, flexible and supportive of others
  • focus on finding the most appropriate and affordable solution
  • are commercially minded, balancing customer expectation, risk and financial impact
  • take ownership of our decisions and think about the wider implications for the team and the Councils
  • actively work towards meeting and exceeding set targets, whilst managing expectations

Around here we all:

  • work jointly with others to be positive and inclusive for the mutual benefit of our customers
  • contribute to ensuring a harmonious and enjoyable working environment
  • communicate with others, share information, expertise and ideas
  • have a can do attitude, helping others to the best of our capabilities, even if it is not part of our role
  • actively support our Councils joined up approach, working to achieve our common goals