Food Safety Training Courses





Food Safety Courses
CourseCost (per person)DurationExamDates and locationWho should attend?

Online Level 2 Food Safety (an accredited course provided by Highfield)


6 hours 

Multiple-choice at the end of each module

Online course available 24 hours a day

Book & Pay online

Anyone working in a catering or hospitality setting where food is prepared, cooked and served.

Introduction to HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) for Food Safety£110

4 hours

NonePlease enquire: wanting to develop their own food safety management system based on HACCP Principles. Especially manufacturers or caterers doing specialist processing e.g. smoking, vac packing, sous vide, rare or lightly cooked foods.

Improving your food hygiene rating


4 hours 

NonePlease enquire:

Anyone wanting to improve their food hygiene rating.

FREE Food allergy training online

The Food Standards Agency has produced a free online food allergy course for managers and staff in the food manufacturing and catering industries.

Basic hygiene awareness training online

The Food Standards Agency has produced 10 short videos on a number of potential food safety issues. Each video is about a minute long and covers specific food hygiene practices - watch Food safety coaching videos. New kitchen staff who have not previously worked in catering can watch these before attending a Level 2 course.