Social prescribing

Social prescribing new NHS initiative

What is social prescribing?

Traditional ideas about "going to the doctors" are changing as a result of a new free initiative, known as social prescribing.

Research shows that around half of GP appointments are not related to medical conditions and solutions can be better found by directing patients into social and community settings as opposed to prescribing medication. A social prescribing scheme can help access local community groups who can offer opportunities for volunteering, further learning, arts, sporting and cultural activities. These activities can help the person to gain confidence, decrease anxiety, depression and social isolation and help improve communities where we live.

How does social prescribing work?

Social prescribing aims to support individuals to take better control over their health and improve their own wellbeing. It's designed for people with a range of social, emotional or practical needs that need a little help navigating their way through the community-based services and organisations available locally.

If you are someone who could benefit from social prescribing, you can access it through a GP referral. Your GP will connect you with a social prescribing link worker who you can talk to about your concerns and the factors that are affecting your health. The social prescribing link worker will then help you to create an individual plan to address these issues, assisting you to access relevant and interesting activities through the Council and local voluntary organisations.

What is happening in the Chiltern Area?

This is a new NHS initiative and so the scheme is currently being set up across Buckinghamshire.

We are committed to supporting this new social prescribing scheme and working with all stakeholders to make it a success

To find out more about the scheme enquire at your local surgery.

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