Organising an event


About the Safety Advisory Group (SAG)

The Safety Advisory Group provides a forum for discussing and advising on public safety at events.

Members of the SAG include Thames Valley Police, South Central Ambulance Service, NHS, Bucks & Milton Keynes Fire & Rescue Service, and Buckinghamshire Council.

The aim is to help organisers with the planning of an event and to encourage coordination between relevant agencies. The SAG is a non-statutory body which does not have legal powers or responsibilities, and is not empowered to approve or prohibit events from taking place. You will therefore not receive a final approval for your event from the SAG. Event organisers and others involved in the running of an event, retain the principal legal duties for ensuring public safety. 

Please also note that not all events will be responded to and any response will be based on the nature of the event and the activities taking place, the number of attendees, whether the event presents a significant or unusual level of risk, the potential impact upon the local community and whether previous events have had serious issues or incidents.  However you should still notify us of your event to enable partner agencies to have an understanding of any cumulative or conflicting issues, such as highway congestion, that may arise from the event.

If you are intending to hold an event (large or small), please submit an Event Notification Form (3 months in advance of the event) and provide additional supporting documentation such as risk assessments and Event Management Plan, templates of which can be downloaded below.