Planning Application Advice

Planning application advice and information

If you are considering making a planning application, we can provide you with informal planning advice.

Whilst this is not a formal decision of the Council - and is not a substitute for Planning Permission or a Certificate of Lawfulness - it will provide you with an indication as to whether your proposal is likely to be considered acceptable or not. It should therefore assist in the submission of a high quality application, making the formal application process run more smoothly and thus prevent unnecessary financial outlay.

There is a charge for this advice as set out in our fees and charges. The fee will differ according to the nature of your proposal and also whether you require an office based meeting, an on-site meeting or no meeting at all.

If you wish to take up our advice, please send your enquiry, with relevant supporting documents to and Pay online giving the site address as a reference. To gain the maximum benefit from this service, please send us as much information about the site and the proposal as possible. The more information you are able to provide, the more targeted and valuable our advice will be.

Once the request is logged onto our system you will receive an acknowledgement letter  with the reference number and the planning officer's details. We will endeavour to respond within  20 working days although longer may be required for more complex matters or if views have to be sought from other parties or consultees. We will let you know if that is the case.

Advice is given informally, without prejudice to the formal decision making process of the Council.

The benefits of taking up pre-application advice are:

  • Quicker handling of applications following their formal submission because all the information required by the Council will be part of the initial submission
  • Provides help and guidance to applicants at an early stage thereby helping to make the formal planning application process easier and focusing at an early stage on the main issues.
  • A greater understanding in relation to the likely outcome.
  • Increases the likelihood of the planning application being valid on its receipt
  • Gives opportunity to revise the proposal prior to the submission of a formal planning application
  • Provides feedback on the design and quality of the proposal
  • Reduces the likelihood of developers pursuing applications that are completely unacceptable, thus preventing unnecessary financial outlay.
  • Increases the likelihood of a successful outcome, and helps reduce the time and associated costs to applicants
  • Early identification of any need for specialist information supporting the applications relating to such matters as highways information, listed buildings, trees, flood prevention, planning obligations etc.
  • Potential for substantial cost savings for all parties.
  • Pre-application enquiries are an opportunity for local authorities and developers to work together to achieve developments that deliver benefits to the community and the economy.

Advice from the Environment Agency

The Environment Agency provides pre-planning application advice for a proposed development site which is a hectare or more, in flood zones 2 or 3, is close to a watercourse, is on potentially contaminated land, or is to handle waste or hazardous substances. For more information please refer to the Icon for pdf Environment Agency [289.84KB]. They can be contacted on