Authority's Monitoring Report (AMR)


The Authority's Monitoring Report (AMR), formerly known as the Annual Monitoring Report, covering the 2017/18 monitoring year is available to download below. Chiltern District Council and South Bucks District Council have created a Joint Authorities' Monitoring Report for 2017/18 to reflect the Councils' Joint Local Plan.

Icon for pdf Joint Authorities' Monitoring Report 2017/18 [1.64MB]

Copies of AMRs produced between 2009/10 and 2016/17 are available to download below. For any enquiries relating to these documents, please email


AMRSupporting Documents where available
Icon for pdf 2016/17 AMR [1.45MB]N/A
Icon for pdf 2015/16 AMR [1.45MB]N/A
Icon for pdf 2014/15 AMR [1.65MB]              Icon for pdf 2014/15 Addendum [210.17KB]
Icon for pdf 2013/14 AMR [4.04MB]Icon for pdf 2013/14 Technical Appendix [2.69MB]
Icon for pdf 2012/13 AMR [4.24MB]Icon for pdf 2012/13 Technical Appendix [3.9MB]
Icon for pdf 2011/12 AMR [1.39MB]Icon for pdf 2011/12 Technical Appendix [2.37MB]
Icon for pdf 2010/11 AMR [880.47KB]Icon for pdf 2010/11 Technical Appendix [2.26MB]
Icon for pdf 2009/10 AMR [853.2KB]Icon for pdf 2009/10 Technical Appendix [2.17MB]