Chargeable garden waste

Chargeable Garden Waste



The garden waste service provides an affordable and convenient way to recycle your garden waste.

The garden waste collection service, for your first bin or bags*, costs £40 per year.

* some households, not suitable for wheeled bins, will be issued with two reusable bags

Subscription length

Subscriptions last 12 months, on a rolling agreement.

Collection frequency

Collections take place every two weeks, on the same day as your recycling. The garden waste collection service is suspended between for two weeks between December and January.

Unemptied bin

We will only empty garden waste bins for which a valid subscription has been paid.

We will not empty bins that contain the wrong items, are too heavy to be collected safely or where the garden waste is wedged / frozen.

If you think your bin has been missed for none of the above reasons, please report the miss using our missed bin form
Reports must be made within 2 working days (48 hours) of the miss occurring; we will not return for any missed collections reported to us after this timeframe.

When will I receive my bin?

Customers who already have a bin should continue to use the bin at their property.

We are currently experiencing delays in delivering garden bins. All efforts will be made to ensure that new customers still receive a full 12 months subscription.

Additional bins or bags

In addition to your first subscription fee, further subscriptions costs £70 per year, per bin.

We are unable to process requests for additional bins online. Please call 01494 586 550

Terms and conditions

Please read the terms and conditions before subscribing to the service - Chargeable Garden Waste - Terms and Conditions


Pay using our pay for garden waste form