New electric refuse vehicle taken for a test drive in Chiltern and Wycombe

We're trialling a new electric refuse vehicle in Chiltern and Wycombe this week.

The Electra lorry, produced by UK-based Electra Commercial Vehicles, offers many potential benefits for our waste services including zero emissions and less noise than traditional refuse vehicles.

Electric power is readily available at a reasonable cost, making electric refuse vehicles not only better for the environment, but potentially more economical to run.

Cllr Mike Smith, portfolio holder for Environment Chiltern District Council, said: "We're always looking for new ways to improve our service and couldn't pass up the opportunity to test the Electra.

"We have 39 collection vehicles each travelling 1,300 miles a month collecting 264 tonnes of refuse, recycling, green waste and food across Chiltern and Wycombe at the moment. Imagine what a difference it would make to our carbon emissions and the air quality if all those vehicles were electric.

"Whilst we're excited about the possibilities of electric refuse vehicles, I must stress this is only a trial at the moment. Whatever the outcome of this particular test run, it's a positive step to improve our service and help to protect our local environment."

The Electra will be trialled in certain locations which will test the electric vehicle in terms of whether it can handle local hills, tonnages and amount of time spent operating each day across both Chiltern and Wycombe districts by a number of different waste crews.