Discount disregards


The full Council Tax bill assumes that there are two or more adults (i.e. people aged over 18) living in a property. Some people will not be counted when we count the number of resident adults. These people are known as 'disregarded for discount purposes'.

The people who may be disregarded are listed below. If all but one of the adults living in the property fulfil the criteria, the discount will be 25%. If all the residents are disregarded, the discount will be 50%.

You must tell us within 21 days of any change which may affect the discount. We will also carry out periodic reviews of the discount to make sure nothing has changed.

Possible disregards are:

  • A full time student, student nurse or non-British spouse of a student
  • An apprentice or a youth trainee
  • A person who is severely mentally impaired
  • Youth Training Trainees
  • Long Term Hospital Patients
  • Patients in Residential Care homes, nursing homes, mental nursing homes or hostels providing a high level of care
  • Monks and Nuns - members of religious communities
  • 18 year olds for whom child benefit is payable
  • Convicted and remand prisoners - (but not those detained for non-payment of Council Tax)
  • Care workers employed by a public body or who belong to an organisation such as Community Service Volunteers
  • People caring for someone with a disability who is not their spouse, child, or partner
  • Members and Dependants of members of an International Headquarters or Defence Organisation
  • Members of visiting forces and their dependants who are neither British Citizens nor ordinarily resident in the United Kingdom
  • Spouses or dependants of a student, who are not British citizens and not allowed to take paid employment or claim benefits
  • Diplomats or people who benefit from diplomatic immunity

For more information please contact us by email at or on 01494 732077