Compliments, Comments and Complaints

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Chiltern District Council and South Bucks District Council aim to deliver an excellent service and get it right first time.  The Councils recognise the value of customer compliments, comments and complaints as this gives them an opportunity to improve the services provided to customers and to put things right if they went wrong.


If you need to report missed bin collections, deliveries and other related matters, please Report to the Waste and recycling team.
If you need to report a planning breach, please  Report  to the Planning Enforcement team.


Two Stage Complaint Procedure

Stage 1

A complaint is registered and will be logged corporately and sent to the relevant service area, who will then have 10 working days to investigate the complaint and respond to the customer.

Stage 2

If the customer is not satisfied with the response to the stage 1 complaint they can notify the relevant Head of Service within 15 working days of the date the response to the stage 1 complaint was sent. The Head of Service will then investigate the complaint and respond within 15 working days.


If you wish to register a compliment, comment or complaint please use our online form.

Compliments, Comments and Complaints Form

You can view our complaints policies and procedures online:

Icon for pdf Compliments, Comments and Complaints Policy [398.96KB]

Icon for pdf Unreasonable Complaints Policy [161.61KB]


• Requests for a service  - for example, a missed bin request
• Requests for information or an explanation of council policy
• Complaints about formal decisions taken by committees or those delegated to staff - for example, a decision on a planning application
• Matters for which there is a statutory right of appeal - for example, a decision on a housing benefit award
• Complaints where legal proceedings, court or tribunal action is being taken
• Matters which are subject to an insurance claim
• Complaints about Councillors
• Complaints made more than 12 months after the event
• Anonymous complaints