Benefits - backdating benefits

What is backdating?

Housing Benefit normally starts from the Monday after your claim has been made. However, you may be able to get housing benefit paid for a limited period before you made your claim

The start date of your claim can be backdated for a maximum of:

  • 1 month if you're working age
  • 3 months if you're of pension credit age

Backdating for working age claimants

Your housing benefit can be backdated for up to 1 month if you're working age.

You must:

  • ask for your housing benefit claim to be backdated
  • have a good reason for claiming late

Reasons for backdating housing benefit

You must have a good reason for claiming late if you are of working age.

Good reasons can include if you were:

  • in hospital
  • going through a period of bereavement
  • given the wrong advice about claiming
  • waiting for a decision about your claim for another benefit

There may be other good reasons why you have claimed late. We will look at your individual circumstances and decide whether your delay in claiming was reasonable.

Backdating for pension age claimants

Your housing benefit will be automatically backdated for up to 3 months if you're pension age. Your claim is backdated to the date you reached pension credit age or the date you have to pay rent from if this is later.

Appealing a backdating decision

If you are not happy with the decision you can ask us to look at it again.

Please note that these backdating rules do not apply to the council tax support scheme.