Man fined for parking excessive numbers of vehicles for sale on Green Belt land

A man has been fined more than £60,000 for parking excessive numbers of vehicles for sale on Green Belt land in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in Great Missenden.

Asrar Ahmed, aged 58, of Bellingdon Road, Chesham, was sentenced at Aylesbury Crown Court on Friday (18/1) for six offences of failure to comply with a planning enforcement notice.

The offences relate to activity at the site of Bubbles car wash, trading as Deep Mill Vans, on the A413.

In November 2014, Chiltern District Council found Ahmed was in breach of his planning consent by displaying, storing and selling a much greater number of vehicles on the land off the A413 than given by his original planning permission.

Ahmed submitted planning appeals which were dismissed by the Planning Inspectorate due to the issue with highway safety and the harm to the scenic beauty of the area.

The Council then served an enforcement notice in November 2015 requiring compliance with the approved planning permission, which set out the correct location of where the vehicles should be displayed and also the amount of cars.

Over the following two year period, the Council monitored compliance with the notice while also gathering evidence. This amounted to six offences.

Ahmed was convicted at High Wycombe Magistrates' Court on 17 May last year and sentenced at Aylesbury Crown Court on Friday by the Recorder of Aylesbury.

He was given a confiscation order of £17,000, ordered to pay a £21,170 fine and costs of £23,293.04; in total £61,463.04.

The breach has now been resolved and the site operatives are in accordance with their planning permission.

Cllr Peter Martin, Portfolio Holder for Planning and Economic Development, said: "The excessive number of vehicles parked on the land caused safety implications for the highway. The impact on the countryside, in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and on Green Belt land, was also significant.

"This case provides a clear example of the importance of complying with planning enforcement notices and the consequences if you do not. The Council has a range of powers that can be used to bring planning breaches to a resolution, including the Proceeds of Crime legislation which was used in this matter. It's hoped that using the full spectrum of powers that are at the council's disposal will incentivise would-be offenders to comply with the planning legislation and formal notices."