Enforcement Notices: Compliance/Withdrawal

You can apply to the Council for confirmation that an Enforcement Notice has been complied with, or to request that it be withdrawn.

Unless an Enforcement Notice is withdrawn, it will be revealed during a Local Authority Land Charges Search. Without written confirmation of compliance with an Enforcement Notice you may be at a disadvantage if you subsequently wish to dispose of an interest in land the subject of an Enforcement Notice and have no evidence of compliance, particularly if the development the subject of the Enforcement Notice comprises an important part of the valuation.

The Icon for pdf application form [138.0KB]should be completed and sent to us, accompanied by the relevant fee, and plans/further information as necessary to process your request.


Requests to withdraw extant enforcement notices: £250 for a written response (or £250 with a meeting and follow-up letter)
Requests for confirmation that an extant enforcement notice has been complied with: £250 for a written response (or £250 with a meeting and follow-up letter).

Once all necessary information has been submitted to us, the request will be validated and allocated to a case officer. An acknowledgement letter will be sent to you by post or email, with details of the case officer who will deal with your request and the target date to respond in writing. Once the matter has been considered you will be formally advised that the Notice has been withdrawn or of the reasons why the Council have resolved that the Enforcement Notice has not been withdrawn.

Please note that unless you provide details of a person who officers can contact in order to access the site the subject of an Enforcement Notice it may not be possible to provide a full response.