Aims and Objectives

Aims and Objectives

Read about the Council's strategy to improve the quality of life for everyone in the District and link to annual performance reports.


The Joint Business Plan sets out Chiltern and South Bucks District Councils' strategy to improve the quality of life for everyone in the Districts. This plan is reviewed regularly to make sure it remains focused on the needs of the community, new government initiatives and targets and ongoing improvements and innovation. You can read the plan via the "Download" link. Chiltern and South Bucks Councils have each published a summary outlining our respective priorities, goals and promises for 2018 - 2019. The Chiltern Aims and Objectives Summary can also be viewed from the "Download" link. Both Councils share the same overarching three objectives; however the agreed priorities and actions being taken to deliver them have been tailored to reflect what the people of each District tell us is important.

Our shared three headline objectives are:

1. Delivering cost- effective, customer- focused services

2. Working towards safe and healthier local communities

3. Striving to conserve the environment and promote sustainability.

The District Council works closely with partners including the County Council, The Police, Primary Care Trust, Fire Service, Chamber of Commerce and Voluntary and Community Services through the Chiltern and South Bucks Strategic Partnership. This partnership have consulted widely with residents, partners, community and voluntary groups and business representatives to gain a better understanding of the needs of people who live and work in the local area. This helped to shape the long-term aspirations and vision for the district to 2026 as set out in the Sustainable Community Strategy. Read more via the Local Strategic Partnership link in the related pages box.

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Chiltern and South Bucks Sustainable Community Strategy and Corporate Plan - Key Themes
Theme 1
Thriving Economy - lifelong enterprise, the entrepreneurial heart of Britain
Theme 2
Sustainable Environment - protecting our heritage, protecting our future
Theme 3
Safer Communities - being safe, feeling safe
Theme 4
Health and Well-Being - healthier, happier and longer lives
Theme 5Cohesive and Strong Communities - strong, confident and active communities


The elements of the Sustainable Community Strategy that are the responsibility of the District Council to deliver are included in the Joint Business Plan.