Commenting on Planning Applications

As part of most planning applications, we give a period of 21 days for the occupants of neighbouring properties to comment.

The precise notification procedure varies for different application types, and can be viewed in the document Icon for pdf Neighbourhood notification [129.99KB]. You can comment on planning applications by email to, in writing to the Council offices, or through the online Planning system.

Comments should include your name and postal address. Please note we are unable to consider any anonymous representations. In order that your views can be taken into account when determining the application, please ensure that your written comments are received within 21 days from the date the application is registered as valid. If your comments are received after this deadline you may have missed the opportunity to have your comments taken into consideration. You will receive an acknowledgement letter, but we regret that further correspondence cannot be entered into. Please be aware that we are not able to consider confidential or anonymous letters.

All comments received will form part of a public document which will be available for public inspection, therefore do not supply details you do not want published and please avoid including signatures and telephone numbers. All comments will be scanned onto the application file and be available for public viewing. We will use our best endeavours to ensure that signatures, telephone numbers and personal email addresses will not be published.

What can I say about an application?

Anyone can comment on an application, you don't have to live next door. We will make the decision on planning issues, as set out in the Adopted Development Plan. The following are examples of planning issues:

  • The design, layout and appearance of the development and its impact on the surrounding area
  • Highway safety considerations
  • The effect of the development on neighbouring property e.g. overshadowing, loss of privacy, overbearing appearance
  • Impact on trees, conservation areas or listed buildings

The following things are not planning matters and will not be taken into account:

  • The identity and character of the applicant or agent
  • Any private covenants affecting the site
  • Matters dealt with under other legislation such as drainage or construction technique
  • Party Wall Act - this is not covered by planning legislation. Advice is available on the Planning Portal - Other permissions you may require and an explanatory booklet is also available to download.

Comments need to be in writing, and please note that any representations containing abusive remarks will be returned to the sender and not taken into account.

As well as notifying neighbours, we also notify the relevant Town or Parish Council about all applications falling within their catchment area. These operate independently from the District Council, and you should contact your local Town or Parish Council for more information.

What if the development has already started?

The planning legislation specifically allows for retrospective applications to be submitted. Whilst it is clearly regrettable that works takes place in advance of obtaining planning permission, it is not an offence to do so. The fact that work has started will not alter the way in which we assess the application. If the application is found to be unacceptable then we will consider any necessary further action. See the Planning Enforcement pages for further information.