King George V Playing Field Land Swap

The story so far

Chiltern District Council, with the support of Amersham Town Council, is proposing to build a fantastic new leisure and community facility in Amersham.

The new building will replace the Chiltern Pools facility which is over 50 years old and will be uneconomical to operate beyond 2022.

The new design for the facility requires a small portion of the King George V playing field to be developed, so in order to make room for the building and to further protect green spaces in the town, both councils are undertaking a 'land swap'.

Land Swap 

In return for building on a small part of the King George V playing field which is currently owned by Amersham Town Council (ATC), Chiltern District Council (CDC) would transfer The Green in Woodside Close to ATC, protecting the land as open space through a Fields in Trust dedication.

The land swap will also result in the historic barn buildings being set in additional areas of green space, enhancing their appearance for the future.

Both councils are in full agreement with the land swap proposal, which offers a higher level of protection against any future development for Woodside Close.

To inform the land swap application process CDC and ATC jointly undertook a public consultation from 1 September to 2 October 2017 to gauge the views of residents. 

The results are given in the table below, showing a good level of public support for the land swap proposal.

New land swap survey results

Land swap public consultation survey results 2017

Both CDC and ATC are displaying public notices at both Woodside Close Green and King George V Playing Field for four weeks (commencing 26th March 2018) notifying of the proposed land swap.

Icon for pdf Amersham Town Council Public Notice [58.39KB]

Icon for pdf Chiltern District Council Public Notice [130.7KB]

As stated in the public notices, anyone who objects to the land swap should notify the relevant council in writing before 20th April 2018.

In relation to the open space land at Woodside Close, Amersham, write to Bob Smith, Chief Executive, Chiltern District Council, King George V House, King George V Road, Amersham, Buckinghamshire, HP6 5AW, or email .

In relation to the open space land at King George V Playing Fields,  write to The Town Clerk - Community & Service, Flint Barn Court, Church Street, Amersham, HP7 0BD.

What happens next?

After the public notices have been displayed for four weeks, the councils will seek formal agreement to complete the land swap.

Once the land swap is completed, CDC will work with users of the existing Chiltern Pools and community facilities to develop more detailed design plans, which, subject to financial viability, will then be submitted as a formal planning application later in the year. 

Amersham Town Council

First public consultation results

Icon for pdf Site map [313.14KB]

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Where can I find more information about the land swap?

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