Request a collection of clinical (healthcare) waste

  1. We provide a free household collection of clinical waste.

    We do not operate a commercial clinical waste collection scheme.

    Clinical waste is infectious waste which you may have as a result of on-going treatments or post operation care. For example:

    •blood or other infectious bodily fluids. This includes disposable wipes, dressings, plasters, bandages bed pans or liners, stoma bags and urine containers

    •personal protective equipment (gloves, mask, aprons)

    •saline or glucose IV bags and tubing

    •needles and syringes

    •human tissue

    Non-infectious or hygiene waste can be disposed of in your own rubbish bin and does not require a special collection. Please ensure this waste is placed securely in heavy duty bin liners in your black rubbish bin.

    We will only collect needles and syringes in a sharps bin. These are available on prescription from your GP or pharmacist. When you need a collection you must let us know by using calling 01494 586550


    To receive a clinical collection, your GP or district nurse must complete and return a clinical waste application form on your behalf (via email or post).

    Click HERE to download

    Please note! Once we have received your form, you will still be required to book a clinical collection by calling us on 01494 586 550