Request an assisted collection

  1. Thank you for enquiring about our assisted collection service. This service is offered to residents who have a medical condition or other physical reason that means they are not able to put out their waste and recycling containers on the property boundary, and have no-one living with them who is able to do it for them.

    Our waste and recycling crews collect containers from an agreed and appropriate location within the property grounds, empty them and return them to the same location.

    If you would like to request the service, please complete this online application form.

    You may receive a visit from a Council Officer to confirm that the information provided is correct and to agree a safe, suitable location for the containers to be collected from.

    The following conditions apply to the service:

    • access to your containers must be easy, without any obstruction

    • gates must not be locked

    • collection cannot be made from inside a property

    • dogs (or similar) must not be roaming free

    • all containers must be visible and kept in the same, agreed location