Organise a community litter pick

  1. Use this form to request litter pickers, sacks and a collection of waste for a community litter pick
  2. Contact details
    1. Please provide contact details so that we can confirm your request
  3. Event details
  4. Equipment
    1. Please select where you would to like collect the equipment from. Equipment must be returned to the same location. *
  5. Terms and conditions
    1. It is the borrower's responsibility to return the loaned items before the end of the loan period in the condition they were at the start of the period. Borrowers are expected to notify the lender of any theft, loss or damage within 24 hours of it happening.

      It is the borrower’s responsibility to ensure the health and safety of all participants, which includes providing your own protective equipment.

      It is the borrower’s responsibility to conduct risk assessments as part of the event preparation. We would not encourage volunteers to work within close proximity of main roads for their own safety.

      For advice on how to safely run a litter pick event, please download Keep Britain Tidy's guide

      In return for loaning the equipment we would like to receive feedback on the event for communication purposes. Details of the event including the number of volunteers and amount of litter collected and photo’s* are required and may be used on our website, social media networks or press releases.

      *Please ensure any individuals consent to having their photograph taken and where children under 18 take part parental consent is recorded. Alternatively use before/after pictures of the litter collected.
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