Public Spaces Protection Order Consultation - Car parks

Following incidents of anti-social behaviour in some of the Chiltern District Council owned car parks, the Council is consulting on the introduction of a PSPO covering anti-social behaviour at the following car parks.

The activities which are to be prohibited are: the use of a motor vehicle, or creation of noise from a motor vehicle, or behaviour by a person in a way likely to cause nuisance or annoyance to a member of the public, or a risk of harm, damage or injury to a person or property.

The following Restrictions are proposed to apply: 

3.1 No person being a driver of, or in control of a motor vehicle in any part of the Restricted Area, shall:

  • Rev (i.e. accelerate whilst the vehicle's clutch is disengaged) an engine of a motor vehicle;
  • Exceed the speed limit displayed in the relevant car park;
  • Suddenly or rapidly accelerate a motor vehicle;
  • Race with any other motor vehicle;
  • Leave the engine of a motor vehicle running on idle other than when queuing to park or depart;
  • Perform any motor vehicle stunts;
  • Sound a horn repetitively; or
  • Play music audible outside of the motor vehicle

3.2 No person in any part of the Restricted Area shall:

  • Use behaviour towards another person reasonably perceived to be threatening, aggressive or intimidating;
  • Use foul or abusive language; or
  • Gather or loiter with any other person(s) without reasonable excuse
  • Maintain, repair, service, or wash any vehicle or part thereof other than to the extent reasonably necessary to enable the vehicle to depart from the Restricted Area
  • Use any part of the Restricted Area for skating (whether using in-line or roller skates), skateboarding, or cycling
  • Sleep, cook, or camp in any part of the Restricted Area

It will be an offence not to comply with the Order, the penalty for which will be a fixed penalty notice or a fine on summary conviction not exceeding Level 3 on the standard scale (currently £1000).

We want your comments on whether you agree with the introduction of the Order, on to control anti-social behaviour at the listed car parks, and the proposed car parks to be covered.

Icon for pdf Draft copy of the PSPO [127.2KB]. All comments received will be considered prior to any decision on final adoption.

The closing date for consultation responses is Friday 30th March 2018.

Representations should be addressed to:

Principal Environmental Health Officer,
Healthy Communities Department,
Chiltern District Council,
King George V House,
King George V Road,
HP6 5AW.

Or sent by email to